Sunday, February 5, 2012

Welcome to Britany E. Rickett dot com.

Here you will find the inventory of my mind (skill sets, knowledge brackets, random thoughts on the industry, etc).  I like to call this a fluid resume. Its in real time as long as I have real time because fake time is just phony!

Who: Britany Elise Rickett

 I'm this girl (see below). Not as emo in reality but you get the gist.

Where: Chicago, IL

Current Position: Video Activation Media Associate (Sports & Cinema) @ Starcom Mediavest Group

Industry: Advertising

Side Engagements: 
Curator @ Sixth Street Social Club (coming soon,
Former Blogger reinstated 

Higher Education: 
Howard University  
Located on a Hilltop in the District of Columbia
Major: Film Production         Minor: Electronic Studio Art
Honors: Dean's List, Cum Laude, WHBC 830AM On-Air Personality of the Year (Host of Incense and Candles)
P.S I took swimming at Lamar University.

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